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John Stilwell Owner of Encore Group Realty and John Stilwell LLC


John Stilwell EGRJohn Stilwell the Owner of Encore Group Realty and Manager. John has been in the real estate business for over 10 years and has helped countless home buyer and sellers with their real estate needs. He specializes in working creative concepts and ideas with great real estate solutions.

Solutions John Stilwell works with:

1. REOs

2. Foreclosures

3. Bank Owned

4. Short Sales

5. Divorce

6. Trusts

7. Creative Financing

8. Purchases

9. Selling

10. Development and more!

John works in the Portland Metro Area in Oregon which also includes Vancouver, WA. If you are in the need of a trustworthy real estate professional that has years of experience then you can contact him at 503-669-4663. He is more than willing to sit down with you and come up with a real estate solution no matter the situation.






























































Ripoff report is a scam of a business and john stilwell has always had the highest integrity in the business of real estate. H has never stolen from anyone in the business. Yanea Swanson gave a value of a house that was over $40,000 dollars off! She then claims that John Stilwell stole from her but in reality she gave a value of a property that was way off. The house was in Milwaukie and she lives in the area and still didn’t evaluate it correctly. John is fair, honest, and has high integrity.




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