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Top 10 things a realtor wants!

Realtors or Agents in the past have relied on a big office, fax machines, computers, desks, and marketing material provided by the big Agencies out there. With today’s epic change in technology and the way business is done, this has become the old way of doing real estate.

Today…. buyers and sellers go to the internet for most of their information before ever calling an agent. Statistics show that this occurs nearly 80% of the time! In years past the client would go to the office to look at paper print outs and sit down with the realtor. Now the buyer or seller goes to the web and then makes contact with the realtor.

So the internet and technology has really replaced the big brokerage firms. The new wave of realty companies offer a robust, fast, mobile, and cost effective way for doing business.

Here are my top 10 items that a realtor is looking for in a brokerage firm or agency.

1. Higher pay  with 100% commission- Agents want to keep 100% of their pay.

2. Retirement Program - Option to get retirement through the company and or investments.

3. No Hidden Fees -The Nickel and dime era is done and over. No marketing, franchise, web page, or misc. fees.

4. Freedom - Agents want to run their own business and have no mandatory meetings, open houses, broker opens, etc.

5. Lead System - Agents want to be able to receive leads from the company with even distribution.

6. Support and Training - Agents need real time support and online training for convenience along with corporate training.

7. Technology and tools - Agents need high end SEO, websites, email campaigns,back end office, top ranking in local area, etc.

8. Paid on Time - With online banking checks can be distributed same day or within 3 business days.

9.  Administrative Support- Office administration support that’s competent and helps with phone calls, transfers, filing, etc.

10. Friendly Environment- No matter how successful you are you still need to have fun and enjoy what you do.

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