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What is your “Why?”

I was sitting here thinking about your business, my business, and how to improve!

You need to advertise… yes.
You need referrals…yes.
You need customer service…yes.
You need to communicate…yes.

Here are the questions to ask yourself about your business and why you do business with others. Also
why you buy products or services from others.

Why do people….
a. Buy from you?
b. Sell to you?
c. List from you?
d. Work for you?

Why do you….
a. Buy from someone?
b. Sell to someone?
c. List for someone?
d. Work for someone?

People do things based on their “Why.” They do not do things based on facts only.

Why do you buy that new car? Is it a great investment? No! You buy it because you
test drove it. You turned up the music and rolled down the windows. You felt the
grip of the steering wheel and the smell of the new leather.

You didn’t but it because you know how the engine works. You didn’t buy it because
it was the top rated in it’s class. These things are small factors. You bought up because
of your “Why.”

You bought the car because of how it made you feel. You bought the car because the
car sales man or tv ad sold you on “Why” you should buy a Honda, Toyota, GMC, etc.
Your “Why” could be because you deserve it. It could be so you can experience the travel
and family time on the road for your next vacation! You become emotionally attached to
the car not logically.

Find out your “Why” and your customers “Why.” Take your business to the next level!

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