Wednesday, Feb 22, 2017
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Get That Last Drop Of Ketchup (And Other Household Money-Stretchers)

According to Consumer Reports, Americans waste as much as 25% of the products they purchase. From food to pharmaceuticals, pesky packaging is making it hard for consumers to use “the last drop” of the things they buy and, as such, products are thrown out prematurely.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Using household tools and basic steps, you, too, can make less waste and stretch your household dollar. This 5-minute interview on NBC’s The Today Show shows you how.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • How to get the last bit of ketchup from the jar (without adding water)
  • How to get the last bit of hair gel from the plastic bottle
  • How to get the last bit of body lotion from the bottom of the “pump” jar

Furthermore, you’ll learn how to rescue over-ripe bananas.

The less you waste at home, the more money you’ll save in the bank. Watch the video, take notes, and start making less waste.

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