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Stop Foreclosure Now

Dear Neighbor,

I am writing this letter to you personally as a local homeowner who understands you may be in danger of losing your home. In this brief letter, I will tell you about the unique approach we take to help homeowners like you who are facing foreclosure actions and financial challenges. If you want to learn about a confidential and time-sensitive opportunity that could actually help you stay in your home and solve your immediate financial need, please read on…

A Proven System that Works

We have worked with many homeowners throughout the Portland Metro region to be able to stay in their homes while they get their finances back on track. My goal is to show you how you can benefit from our proven system to create a win-win solution that can help you to avoid foreclosure and the eviction that follows 10 days later. Does that sound unbelievable? My associates and I have created successful transactions with many people just like you. We are able to do this by tapping into a private network of people who can bring immediate cash to the table in order to wipe out your mortgage debt arrears and create a new financial picture.

Who Are We?

Since we have never met, please allow me to introduce myself: My name is _____________. I am a homeowner, a business owner, and a real estate investor. I live and work in Portland, Oregon. Recently, I have become acutely aware that many hardworking people in the area are losing their homes by foreclosure. The economy is in a rut, and many people, for various reasons, have gotten to the point where they simply cannot pay their mortgages. It is truly discouraging to know that people in the community are not only losing their homes and all of their equity, but will also incur the long-lasting repercussions of bad credit.

We are successful in helping people because we take the time to sit down and understand your unique situation. Realistically, we cannot help everyone who might deserve our assistance. Unfortunately, many homeowners contact us too late for us to apply our proven system. It takes some time to work out the details of this process and make it all happen—time is of the essence.

Please do not confuse us with all the other people who may be calling or sending letters now that your foreclosure is a matter of public record. We are a small, local business, with the knowledge and connections to get things done quickly. We care about you and will listen to your unique situation and needs. We will discuss all your available options and give you straight and clear answers to all your questions, without any cost or obligation to you.

Your Plan of Action

Before we go any further, please just consider for one moment the very real possibility of losing your home. The stress, the anger, and frustration of watching it all slip away in foreclosure is difficult to bear. Every day at the county courthouse someone’s home and hard-earned equity is auctioned away to the highest bidder. This is the reality.

The former homeowner may have been someone just like you; someone who could have used our proven methods for stopping foreclosure someone who could have even stayed in their home , had they only contacted us in time.

Now, imagine instead taking advantage of an opportunity to work with an honest and reputable network of knowledgeable people—people who will show you in plain terms exactly how you may be able to save your home and get back on your feet. In the upcoming days and weeks you will have some very serious choices to make that will influence the outcome of your future. I sincerely hope that we may be of assistance in finding the right course of action, and that you will call us to discuss your individual situation without delay.

Please call your first name at 555-555-5555.

Best Regards,

Your Name

Money for Properties, LLC

P.S. When you call us, we will assess your situation and begin to develop a plan to avoid foreclosure so you can get back on your feet financially. If we can help, we will begin to put our proven system to work for you right away. Please do not hesitate to call or even email us as soon as possible so that we may discuss your individual situation before time runs out.

P.P.S. Even if you have considered filing bankruptcy or have your house listed with a realtor, we may be able to work out a win-win solution you can use as a “plan B” alternative – and there is no cost or obligation to find out!



Dear Owner,

RE: Property at 9470 SW Day Rd

I pay cash for houses, lots or abandoned property!

I was driving by and noticed the property at the location mentioned above is in need of some TLC.

Would you like to turn over the responsibility for the property to someone else and put cash in your pocket?

If so, please call me to discuss your options.


Your Name


Money for Properties, LLC

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