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ACTING AS IF . . . .

Most of the success material on the market stresses the importance of acting as if your goal has already been achieved. How would you behave if your goal was already accomplished? What would you be doing? How would it feel? (We’ll discuss this more in the Section One titled Getting Started).

Every day it’s important to look at your goals and take a moment to get into the feeling of how it feels to actually have achieved that goal!


The first and most important thing you can do to begin your successful career as a real estate investor is to TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW that you ARE a real estate investor! (You’ll need to get some business cards printed up right away). Real Estate Investing is all about networking and connections. It’s important, especially in the beginning, to “plant a lot of seeds” if you want to reap a “bountiful garden.”

Another way to say this is that real estate investing is a “numbers game.” The more contacts you have, the more people who know you are a real estate investor; the more deals you’ll find and the more opportunities you’ll have to make money.

If it is Christmas time then you’ll have something really good to put in your annual letter—tell everyone 1)what you are doing, 2)how you are doing it, and 3)what they can do to help you become a greater success. Plus, you can never tell for sure when a seed you planted months or even years ago will pay off big time down the line!

Sometimes it’s hard for beginning real estate investors to claim that title, especially in the beginning. Some may feel they haven’t “earned” the right to call themselves a real estate investor until they are actually making a consistent income from it. Some may feel apprehension toward claiming the title because they fear what would happen if people were to ask questions that they may not know.

But in reality, you ARE what you claim for yourself. If you think you’re not successful or aren’t going to be successful, until you change your frame of mind, you most likely won’t be successful. (Kinda like “The man who believes he has everything, and the man who believes he has nothing are both right!”)
If you call yourself a real estate investor, you are a real estate investor. Claim your fame. Own your title. Own what you do and want to become.
I’m sure we’ve all heard of that saying “Fake it, til you make it.” Well, it’s been proven by success gurus like Tony Robbins and others that if you hold something in your mind (your thoughts) that it becomes your reality. That’s where the phrase came from.
If you start by claiming your status as a successful real estate investor it won’t belong before you really will be!

Now that you ARE a successful real estate investor you will want to continue learning and reading about real estate investing. You may also want to read other success literature as well.
Read current books on real estate investing or success building, take classes, attend seminars, read articles, find out what the experts are saying and doing. Read self-improvement material. Read materials about selling, marketing, negotiating, business or any other topic that you are interested in.

Many people have the mentality that they have to do everything on their own. But any success mentor will tell you that they attribute their success to their partners or to their team. We’ll talk in detail about creating a team, but it is also important to have a partner.
Having a partner keeps you accountable, reduces your work- load and keeps it fun. Here are some benefits to having a partner:
1) Accountability- If you and your partner make a commitment to get together and knock on doors or canvas a neighborhood you are far more likely to follow through with it than if you were on your own.
2) Reducing your Workload- Also, having a partner can reduce your workload. You can divide up the phone calls, or split the postage or printing bill in half. It’s not so overwhelming if you have a partner.
3) Keeping it fun- You may not like canvassing a neighborhood on your own, but if you make a day out of it with a partner, it could be fun! If you’re stuck in traffic while looking at property, it’s more fun if you have some one to talk to.

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